International Assistance


We deliver the expected to cope with the unexpected. We provide medical assistance whenever you need it. Our 24/7 call center provide both corporate clients and individual customers with reliable and appropriate solutions to unexpected problems.

Vision and Mission:

Our mission is to be the leading assistance provider for expatriates, business travelers, tourists and students. We are committed to provide our clients with superior medical services. Operating in a rapidly growing market, our clear focus makes us a driver of innovation in the International expats healthcare business simultaneously optimizing healthcare costs.

AHRL works with various National and International companies across the world.

Our Medical services include:

  • Information Services:  This includes any general information like location, name or the details of the medical facilities requested by any of the Insurance / Assistance Company.
  • Quotations: The estimate cost towards surgeries, road ambulance or air ambulance services with or without medical escorts.
  • Giving the GOP to the Hospitals: This service includes arranging of Out-patient / In-patient services, Medical reports and Case management services.
  • Medical Evacuations - Air Ambulance: Obtaining estimates from the Providers, arranging for the GOP. Bed to bed transfers along with the medical escort.
  • Road Ambulance Services: Arranging of fully equipped Ambulance Service along with the specialty Doctor to transfer the patient from the Airport to the hospital, Tertiary care hospital within the town or to the next city.
  • Travel Assistance: Car Rentals for Airport pick-ups and drop.
  • Hotel /House visits by the Doctors: In case of emergencies arranging consultations at the hotels.

AHRL also does claims management and processing of International invoices.