Health Care IT services

The Apollo Health Resources online Insurance Management Software is a fully automated and integrated policy processing system for the insurance carriers. It is a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solution for carrying out all business-critical insurance processing functions.




Web Based Application Features:

Pre-Policy Health Checkup Administration

AHRL organizes Pre Policy Health Checkup for the Insurers. The Objective of this Business unit is to provide quicker policy issuance of Insurers prospective clients, who require medical checkups. AHRL has built state of art application to manage the pre-policy checkups; it provides seamless service for all the stake holders.
AHRL has a wide range of network hospitals and diagnostic centre’s and the core team of medical personnel give us an edge in pre-policy health check. Our network comprises best hospitals and diagnostic centre’s, penetrating all over India.


A prerequisite, often intended as a rate-limiting or cost-containment step, in the provision of care and treatment to an insured patient. When a member contacts a network provider, the provider will make the request for preauthorization in writing and submits all necessary medical records to the TPA. AHRL preauthorization module allows a hospital user to request, re-request or cancel preauthorization for the patient.

Electronic Medical Records

  • Visit Management
  • Patient Information Management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient history & medication
  • Document management

Integrated Fax:

Manage information faster and more securely by converting fax process to paperless.
A comprehensive audit log monitors all fax activity in practice.

Scan & Upload Patient Documentation:

Online web based software allows to scan paper documentation and create electronic files, which can then be included electronically in the patient financial records for easy access anytime. Documents can be scan directly to the application which is automatically indexed under the correct patient record.

View / Search Options:

  • Search Options enables to find specific information with the help of filters based on date, TPA Name and Case Type (Preauthorization or Claims)
  • Track / view Preauthorization Request or Claims status using reference ID’s
  • Preauthorization request’s
  • Preauthorization history
  • View authorization letter of preauthorization and claims
  • View attached documents for preauthorization record or claims record

Report Options:

Preauthorization / Claims Status Report allows viewing Unprocessed/Processed action taken by TPA including:
  • Total action done by particular TPA
  • Average and Cumulative Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Grand Total
  • > View attached documents for preauthorization request, letters issued or claims status

    > Options for customized reports

    > Options allows sending reports through Email