Human Resource Management

Business performance essentially hinges on the right blend of talent and costs.

The challenge before organizations is to optimize the human resource function without compromising on quality and future strategies. More so because in a fluid and competitive market environment, human capital not only enables business but also works as an effective immune system.

Precisely why organizations stress for a specialist human resources partner.

AHRL works with organizations at all stages with a strong focus on translating their HR requirements into executable strategies. Our full-spectrum of services encompasses the entire gamut of Human Resource and Talent Management functions.


Recruitment is often the problem of plenty. Choosing one candidate but not the other is more than mere guesswork. Our recruitment practices are systematic and are tied to real-world business objectives (SLAs, budgets) – a result of years of experience and indigenous thinking.


Staff augmentation is a sure fire strategy to the risk costs from non-core business activities. Our staffing services are designed to complement and supplement your existing HR strategy. Our teams maintain large talent pools so as to constantly support clients on their changing requirements.

Statutory Compliance

Every business function essentially begins with compliance but is often considered as a tedious and cumbersome process. AHRL’s legal experts enable organizations to achieve compliance without losing time and mind over administrative and bureaucratic bottlenecks. Our services include income tax returns filing, company registration and maintenance of PF, PT, ESI and shops and establishment act.

Employee Welfare

Insurance and other healthcare schemes ensure your employees are retained and grow organically with the organization. However, as organizations grow, the employee welfare cost also grows radically. Our experience in HR planning and strategy execution enables you to rationalize costs and optimize on employee welfare activities.


Outsource your payroll process to AHRL for multipronged business benefits. Our payroll practice is equipped with latest software packages and encryption technologies to help you choose and customize in line with your administrative and branding needs.